Our Indiana Voice set to help outsider against DC politicians

Super PAC to Support Braun for Senate

Our Indiana Voice announced its formation as a Super PAC dedicated to supporting Mike Braun’s candidacy for the United States Senate. The Super PAC is being run veteran political operative David Carney. 

Our Indiana Voice set to help outsider against DC politicians

  “Mike Braun brings the business sense and outside the beltway thinking that people are looking for. The politicians in Washington, DC have proven that they can’t get anything done. It’s time to send someone to the United State Senate who will be the voice of the people, not the special interests”, said Mr. Carney in launching the Super PAC.  

The Team

  •   David Carney, President, Norway Hill Associates Since 1980, Mr. Carney has been involved in Republican politics, as well as both state and federal government. During the past decade, Mr. Carney has helped dozens of campaigns at both the statewide and congressional levels including Governor Greg Abbott (TX), Governor Rick Perry (TX), and Senator John Barrasso (WY). He has served as senior advisor on multiple presidential campaigns. As well as Special Assistant to the President and White House Director of Political Affairs in the administration of George H.W. Bush.   
  • Brad Shattuck, President, Strategic Impact Brad Shattuck is an award-winning voter contact strategist at the local, state, and national levels. Since 2004, when Shattuck founded Strategic Impact, he has helped to elect dozens of Members of Congress, Governors, and statewide Republicans to office. His work has won his firm numerous Pollie Awards for their excellence in motivating voters, including best direct mail for independent expenditure, congressional, and state legislative campaigns.   
  • Ben Burger, Partner, SRCPmedia. Ben is a recognized strategist, producer, writer and national speaker. For the past twenty years, Burger has worked with campaigns in virtually every ballot position from presidential to state representative; Super PACs; national parties; state parties; associations; corporations; and a variety of independent expenditure/issue advocacy groups throughout the country and overseas.   

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